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The museum of censorship

The museum of censorship

A collection for the censored art . The withdrawal in the last edition of the fair Arco de Madrid of the work Political prisoners of Santiago Sierra motivated the co-founder of the production company Mediapro Tatxo Benet to buy it. It had a starting price […]

We raffle five double passes for the Barcelona Beach Festival

We raffle five double passes for the Barcelona Beach Festival

The Barcelona Beach Festival returns on next July 14 in the Platja de la Pau in Sant Adrià de Besòs with some of the most renowned DJs in the world, such as David Guetta, Armin Van Buuren or Robin Schulz to make thousands of people […]

Jurassic World: World premiere of 'Jurassic world: The fallen kingdom'

Jurassic World: World premiere of 'Jurassic world: The fallen kingdom'

The Spanish director Juan Antonio Bayona and the actors Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard have taken a bath of masses this past night in the Wizink Center of Madrid during the world presentation of Jurassic World : the fallen kingdom the new installment of the saga of dinosaurs in an event that has been interrupted by a strong hail.

Hundreds of 'fans' have gathered around the red carpet of the Wizink, decorated with a great velociraptor and enlivened by the Film Symphony Orchestra, which has played throughout the evening some of the legendary songs of the saga, fused with the cries of the audience that chanted with great expectation the names of the leading actors. "It's going to be brutal" has assured one of the 'fans' that was behind the fences, where he had been waiting "more than three hours", as he said, to see the cast of " Jurassic World : the fallen kingdom ", although he has acknowledged that he wanted to see with impatience was Chris Pratt. "I'm a fan of the saga but still more of Chris Pratt," said another of the attendees gathered behind the fence and it seemed that the expectation generated by the actor of films like "Guardians of the Galaxy" or "Passengers" it was the maximum – although there were also fans of Dallas Howard or Bayonne – because according to the public, "it will surpass the first installment of the saga."

Actor Chris Pratt taking a selfie during the presentation of the film in Madrid
(Francisco Seco / AP)

Pratt and Dallas Howard have been the last to arrive at the event, just at the moment when a strong hail has fallen on the red carpet and has accelerated the pass of attendees, among which were famous people like Alaska , Natalia Verbeke, Álvaro Arbeloa or Geraldine Chaplin, but that however has not discouraged the 'fans', who have not moved from their site.

Pratt has faced bad weather with a smile and has assured that he is "very happy" to be in Spain and specifically in Madrid, a place he considers "perfect" for the world premiere, even though "time does not go along " The actor also praised the work done by Bayonne and assured that it is "a real pleasure" to be able to work with a director "who has so much talent and who is so enthusiastic about his work". Similar message has been the one left by Dallas Howard, who has ensured that Bayona is a "fantastic" director, whom he met years ago and whose first encounter "does not forget", due to his being considered 'fan' of his films.

 Jurassic World Actress Bryce Dallas Howard
Jurassic World Actress Bryce Dallas Howard
(Francisco Seco / AP)

Bayona, who has come with his parents to the event, has declared that "it has not been difficult" to organize the world premiere because everyone was very "excited" and said he was happy that "Spain can host an event like this. " In addition, the director has praised the work of the actors of the film, which opens in theaters this June 7.

The director of films like "The impossible" or "A monster comes to see me" was chosen by Spielberg to directing "Jurassic World: The Fallen Kingdom", which also features script by Colin Trevorrow, director of the first installment of Jurassic World and with a cast in which in addition to Chris and Dallas Howard James Cromwell Toby Jones, Geraldine Chaplin or Ted Levine

Jurassic World

Bayona has come with his parents to the event and has declared that "it has not been difficult" to organize the world premiere because everyone was very excited [19659013]

El Prat delights with Alfred and boasts a musical nursery

El Prat delights with Alfred and boasts a musical nursery

Fame came as a result of his successful participation in Operación Triunfo, which will culminate with the participation this Saturday along with Amaia Romero  will represent Spain in the Eurovision festival . But long before the television euphoria Alfred García that was already popular in […]

This is how a book is made

This is how a book is made

A book is many things but also a product that comes to market after a process involving several professionals . From the author to the reader, we synthesize that path in 13 sections 1. The author Joan-Lluís Lluís: "The most important moment of the year" […]

The role of William Morris

The role of William Morris

The borders that serve as background on these pages correspond to wallpapers that can still be seen in modern homes. And yet they were designed in the mid-nineteenth century. Its creator, William Morris (1834-1896), was a Brit who wanted to contribute to making the lives of his contemporaries more beautiful through the objects that surrounded them and at the same time preserve the craft production systems , those that allowed -believed- to grow and recognize themselves as people at work. These wallpapers and the objects that accompany them can now also be seen in Barcelona, ​​in an exceptional exhibition at the MNAC dedicated to the father of the arts & crafts movement art as a result of the imagination and also human industriousness. The exhibition could be seen earlier in Madrid at the March Foundation.

William Morris was born into a wealthy family; without the need to earn a living, he was able to dedicate himself freely to writing and painting, to thinking, designing and making beautiful objects, an interest that he developed from a very young age, when at the age of 16 he refused to enter the Great Exhibition held in London in 1851 at greater glory of machines and factories that heralded an industrial era that would end work well done with hands and soul. In that atmosphere of euphoria and blind faith in science and progress, the young William Morris stepped aside: instead of looking to the future in Oxford, he surrounded himself with the nucleus of those who would be pre-Raphaelite painters, especially Edward Burne- Jones, with whom he shared friendship all his life, to look for inspiration in the past: the Arthurian legends, the medieval …

William Morris

An inspiration that he conveyed to the wide group of designers with whom he collaborated or knew. His role was definitive in the formation of the taste of generations, first, as always, by those who had the means to surround themselves with these objects, furniture, vases, chimneys, and even more, build a house following their dictates, the union of the aesthetics with utility, but later, just as in those moments was also happening with fashion, for social classes that could afford, thanks to the cheapening of materials and techniques, to imitate the most affluent. Despite his progressive ideas, which led Morris to contract an unequal marriage with a young woman of lower social status, his designs ended up going downhill.

You could say that Morris, a convinced socialist, worked or tried to do it in accordance with your ideas, as a team. With his wife, Jane, he bought a house, the Red House, and when he did not find materials to decorate it to the taste of both, he decided to make them with his friends; thus, during two years, they dressed the walls with tapestries that recreated medieval scenes and painted papers that would become one of their specialties. The success of the Red House ("the joy of collective work", as he defined it) led him to try to create a community of artists and artisans in the large house. It was not possible, but the Morris, Marshall, Faulkner & Co company was born there, dedicated to interior decoration and in which all the products had to be made by hand, its reason for being. The quality already had a price then, but the fame that gave orders as the decorate St. James Palace expanded the demand and therefore the challenge of increasing production without betraying the spirit of a company that sought to be the antithesis of "progress industrialized". Morris got it by selling individual kits and buying a textile company in which to apply his principles. Also thanks to the wallpapers, whose use extended from the 1860s as a cheap alternative for those popular classes to which William Morris, increasingly involved in politics and founder of the Socialist League, aspired to arrive.

 William Morris
William Morris

Throughout these years, in which Morris combined design with politics and writing, he created at least 32 models of printed fabrics and 23 fabrics. But the highlight was the wallpaper, about 50 different models. Morris was extremely rigorous with his designs, always inspired by nature, with the careful English gardens in the spotlight. The first Trellis (trellis), in 1862, recreated the climbing roses of the Red House; the second, Daisy (margarita), from 1864, showed the simple flowers that grow in a meadow. All his papers were printed by hand-cut wood plates loaded with natural dyes of mineral origin. Again the price of his production, along with the innovative nature of his designs, played against him: Oscar Wilde disliked him and a famous Victorian architect said of them that they should be limited to serving as "pure and simple" background. But the seed was sown, and at the death of Morris a new generation of designers strongly influenced by his work and with new techniques popularized them among the general public. And they continue selling.

William Morris and the arts & crafts movement in Britain

MNAC. BARCELONA. Until May 20. He was previously seen at the Juan March Foundation in Madrid.

The day that Franco entered Catalonia

The day that Franco entered Catalonia

On March 27, 1938, the troops of legionaries and Moroccans commanded by General Yagüe entered in the morning at Barbastro and Fraga and towards the Massalcoreig the first Catalan town occupied by the Francoist army. Yagüe had broken the republican defenses and after crossing the […]

"It was my turn to sing the music that I like"

"It was my turn to sing the music that I like"

Behind the powerful presence of Michele McCain there is a versatile, splendid voice and an irrepressible presence. Singer, actress, composer, storyteller and positive empathy carrier, McCain has an overwhelming work curriculum. Brooklyn already practiced as a dancer before the public with 13 years before a […]

"I need new sensations because if I do not get bored"

"I need new sensations because if I do not get bored"

He looks happy, happy and relaxed. Although the latter, in the case of the eternally restless Manolo García, may be an appearance. In any case, the Barcelonian musician suffers satisfaction when he talks about
Ray Geometry
(Sony), his new album that will be released this Friday, made with local and Anglo-Saxon musicians. His live on this occasion Manolo Garcia will be divided into a first part in theaters and auditoriums, starting at Girona (April 6), and a second more muscular in much wider spaces, with stop at Barcelona (Palau Sant Jordi, October 20)

His new album appears shortly after a live show, and from here nothing starts intense tour. What is the reason for this rhythm?

In the past I was marked by a calendar, a certain caution not to disturb, not to make me heavy, and now all that is over. I've thrown myself in the pool. The first concerts of this tour I'm going to record, I'm going to do television, I'm going to do a lot of records, a lot of songs, that's an album every three years. Since I have broken the scheme of discretion, tranquility, I will also participate in this dynamic from my field.

I mean, showing more?

Yes, but only in the musical aspect.

What has precipitated this change of attitude?

My job I like, I chose it as a young man and I have been developing it throughout a lifetime, and over the years I have reaffirmed: I want to be a musician when I grow up. When you do something that you like, you realize that each time there is less to do that. And you turn to it. For example, for this album I have put twelve songs out of a total of 35 written ex profeso, and that also reflects that now I have desire and more time to devote myself since I have been doing without a whole series of activities that did not suppose anything. [19659006] Will not it really be about not wanting to get bored?

What do you say? I am, sure, of the people on this planet who have been least bored in life. I do not remember any time in my life when I said "I'm bored." I am interested in the things that take me away from the superfluous, from the banal … I want to abstract from the mediocrity that surrounds us and that's why I make albums like this.

How does the idea of ​​making this album begin?

About two years ago, in full tour of my previous Everything is now. I was doing and as I had here the four North American musicians that participated in that record, among them the guitarist Gerry Leonard, we took the opportunity to record four new songs. But for this new album, I've made several teams: I got together with Toti Soler with whom we recorded only him and me several songs of which we included one.

Did I know him before?

To Toti? No, but he was a great musical admirer of his. One of the most beautiful love songs of his is always yours, Em dius that the nostalgia love. Then another team was formed with Jordi Sabatés and Carles Benavent, with whom I recorded two more songs. Carles had already collaborated on some of my albums but with Jordi he had not done anything. I had that whim. Look, having been born in Barcelona and having been fortunate to be in the eye of the hurricane, in the Barcelona of the seventies, with the Zeleste, the Sisa, the Gato Pérez, the Serrat de Hernández. This has been decisive. This point of mine that there is no where to catch me is because I am Catalan from Barcelona son of Castilians. This point, which I wear with great pride, has given me a life of balls. And I called Jordi and he signed up. And the third set were the initial Rapids, that is, Antonio Fidel, José Luis Pérez and me, who was the drummer. And we recorded three other songs and we stayed one.

Still missing songs.

To make the rest of the album I went to the United States and formed a group of musical girls. When I got there I contacted several of them and at the end I met guitar, bass and drums. Excellent And I spent 18 days recording the rest of the songs with them and with Gerry Leonard.

Was not it a bit suicidal to go to the United States without really knowing what to look for?

It was that, there was the challenge; If everything is chewed, it is very boring. I need new sensations because if I do not get bored. I went there to flip with the music, and I did a lot.

You send a lot?

The production of the album is mine, like everyone else's since The Last of the Row is over. Then, I have a character that I do not like to send in anyone but I hate that they send me. My objective is the happiness operation: a producer must know, but above all, he must be a psychologist. And, I think, I have the virtues to be a musician as a condescending one, and even though I am a leader I am not abrasive.

You move for free even if it's a star.

I'm lucky to be able to choose, and autonomy is something very important, because it gives me security. I like my stage, my lights, my rhythm, and that's why I'm not very attracted to going to macrofestivals, because I get the feeling that you're a bit of a fairground doll.

Beatty and Dunaway will return to present the Oscar to the best film

Beatty and Dunaway will return to present the Oscar to the best film

One year after the historical fiasco at the time of unveiling the Oscar winner for the best film Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway will return to present that category in the This Sunday's ceremony, reported the TMZ portal, specialized in celebrity news. According to sources […]

The best speed reading apps of 2017

The best speed reading apps of 2017

If you know the benefits of reading and you want to get the most out of it, it pays to actually be good at reading. Good at reading means being able to read text fast but also having the ability to comprehend and understand the text as the same speed as you are reading it. With these apps you will improve your ability to pack your head with as much books as possible in your spare time.

  1. Spreeder CX

Spreeder CX Pro is one of the most popular and best rated speed reading apps currently on the market. The app comes with training and warm-up modes to get you to speed reading as fast as possible. It costs $37 but with that price you get a license which allows you unlimited installs of the software on your desktop, iPad and iPhone. The package also includes access via your web browser. Logging in with your account on different platforms allows for cross-synchronization of your information and activities. Furthermore 3 years of updates are included in the price.

This app teaches you proper reading techniques and eliminates bad habits such as regression and restless eye fixations. This will allow you to read through entire eBooks in a fraction of what it usually takes because of your improved productivity and ability to comprehend the content.

The app is also customizable. You can pick to read using different fonts sizes, color schemes and speeds. You also get four reading modes which displays content to suit your need.

Over 20,000 books are included in this app and you can also upload your own text in any file formats.

Price: $37.00

  1. Acceleread App

This is another great app especially if you are planning on doing your speed reading on an iPhone or iPad. The app uses different techniques to make you a faster reader in a short amount of time. It works by making sure you a constantly focused on the comprehension so you remember most of what you are reading. The same techniques you learn in this app that enables you to read eBooks fast can also be applied to any other paper book or text you may want to read.

The app tailors a course which is made on the capabilities of the individual reader. This means you start at a level that is just right for you which will lead to you picking up fast reading as soon as possible.

To see your progress you can use the speed test the app comes with. You can take the test every week or so to see how much you have progressed over the course of your training.

A great thing about this app is that it has customer support 24/7, which is something many costumers value.

Price: $9.99

  1. Acereader iPad

Acereader has already made its name with the AceReader program and now has come out with a version for the iPad. The focus of this app is to help readers with digital content and improving comprehension. The app will teach you not only to read faster but also how to retain more information as you read so that you don’t have to keep re-reading everything.

The app uses Rapid Serial Visual Presentation (RSVP) technology which highlights words as you should be reading them to help you reach your goals fast.

There are two modes which the app operates in – training and reading. What they do speak for themselves. The training mode includes many exercises so you can practice reading faster. The reading mode is where you do actual reading while still using techniques to keep improving. You can always use your own text in reading mode.

The app furthermore tracks your progress and shows you how well you are progressing. This will surely encourage anyone who can see that the more they use the app the better they become at reading on a fast pace.

You can also pick different fonts and colors for your most comfortable reading experience.

Price: $19.99