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Beatty and Dunaway will return to present the Oscar to the best film

Beatty and Dunaway will return to present the Oscar to the best film

One year after the historical fiasco at the time of unveiling the Oscar winner for the best film
Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway will return to present that category in the This Sunday's ceremony, reported the TMZ portal, specialized in celebrity news.

According to sources of the publication, Beatty and Dunaway appeared today in the rehearsals at the Dolby Theater and prepared the great moment of the gala. Testimonials say that both recited their sentences on a couple of occasions and ended quickly.

"Present is much better the second time," said the famous actress on stage, according to the story on the web. Beatty answered next: "The winner is 'Gone With the Wind'", continuing with the comic tone that the producers of the ceremony seem to adopt with this nod to what happened a year ago. According to the sources of the portal, the writers could still modify those jokes until Sunday.

The historical error when announcing the award for the best film in the 89 edition of the Oscars arrived in a bizarre situation, with Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway as protagonists.

The veteran actor opened the envelope with the name of the winner and threw a gesture of surprise around him.

The couple had been delivered of the wrong envelope. However, no one from the Hollywood Academy spoke, so Beatty went on and handed the envelope to Dunaway, who read the name "La La Land", which appeared next to Emma Stone's, the award given just before. [19659003] The winner in the category of best film was really "Moonlight", something that was known after some moments of confusion.