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El Prat delights with Alfred and boasts a musical nursery

El Prat delights with Alfred and boasts a musical nursery

Fame came as a result of his successful participation in Operación Triunfo, which will culminate with the participation this Saturday along with Amaia Romero
 will represent Spain in the Eurovision festival . But long before the television euphoria Alfred García that was already popular in his city, El Prat de Llobregat . Implicated in the cultural fabric of the municipality, the musical origins of Alfred are closely linked to this Barcelona town of 63,897 inhabitants in which he was born, grew up and took his first artistic steps.

"It began with us, as a child, "recalls Benjamí Company, secretary of the Unió Filharmònica de El Prat . "He studied musical language and the trombone, but in the end he ended up playing different instruments," says Company, who is a friend of his family and has known him since he was a tadpole.

At that time, El Prat did not have a municipal music school and this entity worked to "make the study of music accessible and reach the population," says the secretary of the Unió Filharmònica de El Prat. That's why Alfred started there and did not have to move, with the disincentives it entails, to neighboring municipalities. "He played with the band, although sometimes he was also singing," says Company. "What he likes most is the stage, acting, but not because he is exhibitionist or pretentious, rather because he has it inside, he is very humble," he adds.

"Alfred was already special from small he conveyed that he had the music inside ," says one of the people who followed him closely in its infancy. He carries it in his blood: "His uncles had a band that was quite well known in the 70s, the Rumba Brava; In his house he has had access to musical instruments out of the ordinary, "says Benfamí Company. Alfred has already defended in some occasion that was not a television product and that rejects this typecasting.

The young man grew up "involved in the associative fabric" of his city, which is why "in El Prat many people knew him long before he appeared on television". For example, it collaborated with various entities, such as the La Capsa initiative, which is a "cultural project that works, from music, to build an active and critical cultural citizenship, favoring the development of people's creative abilities", as defined its impellers.

In this nursery of young artists, which has eight rehearsal rooms and a multitude of cultural promotion activities and concerts, Alfred continued to be trained. He was also part of the Combo Tito Juane charanga, which animated various popular festivals, and participated in projects such as the Meló_dia, Cocoon or #Almeuritme festival.

Giant screen at the Altraveu Festival

"One of the first scenarios he set foot on Alfred was the one of the Festival Altraveu ", says Núria Arlanez, one of its organizers. Precisely, this festival takes place this weekend in El Prat de Llobregat. It will connect live with Lisboa to see, through a giant screen, the performance of Alfred and Amaia.

"The Altraveu is a meeting point for the young people of the city, Alfred was part of the motor group that chooses the activities every year and acted twice," recalls Arlanez. "Alfred is a young man with many musical interests," he adds. The initiative is managed halfway between the City Council and different youth associations. "At this festival, we offer emerging artists the chance to perform on stage under professional conditions," says Arlanez, who worked side by side with the young singer.

But the Altraveu goes beyond music: this year's edition, which takes place in the Jardins de la Ribera, as well as concerts by local bands, will offer alternative activities from morning to night, like a skateboarding championship , urban dance exhibitions such as hip hop, presentations of projects of local associations and popular culture with the diables .

In mid-April, the City Council awarded Alfred one of the Premis Ciutat de El Prat. For all this, this municipality of Baix Llobregat will turn to Alfred during the festival . In Lisbon he will be applauded by thousands of spectators from all over the world, but from a distance in El Prat he will be surrounded by his people.