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"I need new sensations because if I do not get bored"

"I need new sensations because if I do not get bored"

He looks happy, happy and relaxed. Although the latter, in the case of the eternally restless Manolo García, may be an appearance. In any case, the Barcelonian musician suffers satisfaction when he talks about
Ray Geometry
(Sony), his new album that will be released this Friday, made with local and Anglo-Saxon musicians. His live on this occasion Manolo Garcia will be divided into a first part in theaters and auditoriums, starting at Girona (April 6), and a second more muscular in much wider spaces, with stop at Barcelona (Palau Sant Jordi, October 20)

His new album appears shortly after a live show, and from here nothing starts intense tour. What is the reason for this rhythm?

In the past I was marked by a calendar, a certain caution not to disturb, not to make me heavy, and now all that is over. I've thrown myself in the pool. The first concerts of this tour I'm going to record, I'm going to do television, I'm going to do a lot of records, a lot of songs, that's an album every three years. Since I have broken the scheme of discretion, tranquility, I will also participate in this dynamic from my field.

I mean, showing more?

Yes, but only in the musical aspect.

What has precipitated this change of attitude?

My job I like, I chose it as a young man and I have been developing it throughout a lifetime, and over the years I have reaffirmed: I want to be a musician when I grow up. When you do something that you like, you realize that each time there is less to do that. And you turn to it. For example, for this album I have put twelve songs out of a total of 35 written ex profeso, and that also reflects that now I have desire and more time to devote myself since I have been doing without a whole series of activities that did not suppose anything. [19659006] Will not it really be about not wanting to get bored?

What do you say? I am, sure, of the people on this planet who have been least bored in life. I do not remember any time in my life when I said "I'm bored." I am interested in the things that take me away from the superfluous, from the banal … I want to abstract from the mediocrity that surrounds us and that's why I make albums like this.

How does the idea of ​​making this album begin?

About two years ago, in full tour of my previous Everything is now. I was doing and as I had here the four North American musicians that participated in that record, among them the guitarist Gerry Leonard, we took the opportunity to record four new songs. But for this new album, I've made several teams: I got together with Toti Soler with whom we recorded only him and me several songs of which we included one.

Did I know him before?

To Toti? No, but he was a great musical admirer of his. One of the most beautiful love songs of his is always yours, Em dius that the nostalgia love. Then another team was formed with Jordi Sabatés and Carles Benavent, with whom I recorded two more songs. Carles had already collaborated on some of my albums but with Jordi he had not done anything. I had that whim. Look, having been born in Barcelona and having been fortunate to be in the eye of the hurricane, in the Barcelona of the seventies, with the Zeleste, the Sisa, the Gato Pérez, the Serrat de Hernández. This has been decisive. This point of mine that there is no where to catch me is because I am Catalan from Barcelona son of Castilians. This point, which I wear with great pride, has given me a life of balls. And I called Jordi and he signed up. And the third set were the initial Rapids, that is, Antonio Fidel, José Luis Pérez and me, who was the drummer. And we recorded three other songs and we stayed one.

Still missing songs.

To make the rest of the album I went to the United States and formed a group of musical girls. When I got there I contacted several of them and at the end I met guitar, bass and drums. Excellent And I spent 18 days recording the rest of the songs with them and with Gerry Leonard.

Was not it a bit suicidal to go to the United States without really knowing what to look for?

It was that, there was the challenge; If everything is chewed, it is very boring. I need new sensations because if I do not get bored. I went there to flip with the music, and I did a lot.

You send a lot?

The production of the album is mine, like everyone else's since The Last of the Row is over. Then, I have a character that I do not like to send in anyone but I hate that they send me. My objective is the happiness operation: a producer must know, but above all, he must be a psychologist. And, I think, I have the virtues to be a musician as a condescending one, and even though I am a leader I am not abrasive.

You move for free even if it's a star.

I'm lucky to be able to choose, and autonomy is something very important, because it gives me security. I like my stage, my lights, my rhythm, and that's why I'm not very attracted to going to macrofestivals, because I get the feeling that you're a bit of a fairground doll.