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"It was my turn to sing the music that I like"

"It was my turn to sing the music that I like"

Behind the powerful presence of Michele McCain there is a versatile, splendid voice and an irrepressible presence. Singer, actress, composer, storyteller and positive empathy carrier, McCain has an overwhelming work curriculum. Brooklyn already practiced as a dancer before the public with 13 years before a concert by James Brown at the New York Shea Stadium, stepped on Broadway tables picking up some Tony award or later shared stage with countless teachers like BB King, Hank Jones or Tete Montoliu . She has been living in Mallorca for almost 35 years, three seasons ago she wanted to start her own project for once, in which she reflected her feelings and her way of seeing the reality that surrounds her.

To materialize it at a musical level, she with the fundamental support of the pianist Julio Lobos, who besides being a magnificent musician is a "showman". With him and his experienced blues band Lone Rhino Club have given shape to a series of new songs and, above all, to a new show entitled "Back to my roots" (Back to my roots) with a repertoire that oozes blues and soul, but then opens up to other styles in which McCain confers an unmistakable stamp until it reaches rock'n'roll. Today he will be able to emit judgment seeing it and listening to it in the concert that will offer in the room Luz de Gas (21.30 h).

Mallorca, field of operations

– It was worth leaving Brooklyn for Mallorca ?

I settled in Spain in 1984. I was brought to Spain by Miliki to work at the Monumental Theater of Madrid in the play "Barnum". So I'm almost from the land. After a season in Madrid we went on tour, and at the stop in Mallorca one day I saw the most wonderful sunset I had ever seen in my life; really, not in Hawaii, not in Jamaica … and that setting captivated me so much that I was left alone contemplating it. And there I am still.

     – Why "Back to my roots"? Where does he return? What are those roots he returns to?

I've done many things in my life, I've moved in so many directions, I've sung to jacks, fandangos, I've even done a show about Abba, and she'll tell me what a black girl from Brooklyn does singing Abba songs … and The fact is that I found my site and I have done very well in all these years. And now I think it was time to do something that I really liked, that is, to do, sing the music that I like. And I told Aurelio [Morata, músico y miembro de los primeros Rebeldes, de Aurelio y los Vagabundos, productor y arreglista, entre otras cosas, y también ahora su cómplice musical imprescindible] that I wanted to look for my roots.

Reflect feelings

-And when did the search begin?

We started in earnest two years ago. But what happens is that there are many people who know me but who do not really know me. He saw me doing one thing and then nothing else. They remember when I was at the Mondragón, or on the television program "Popstar", or in series like "Doctor Mateo" or "The girls of today", or on radio at Onda Cero for a long time …, but they forgot after it existed. And in the last three years we have been looking to give shape to the new project that really reflects my feelings.

     – And what was the first fruit?

An ep with four themes, two of which already circulate, "Compared to what?" And "God is no sleeping." These two are not ours, which are incredible, but there are others that do.

     – Singing pure soul, r & b and jazz. A shock for those who associate it with one of their previous projects so different, right?

Musically without a doubt, because I've sung and I've written music from other guilds, dance, house, singer-songwriter. But now what it is about is this new project.

     -With these new songs that can be heard today in your concert, what does it intend to convey?

Whenever I write and sing I try to convey my way of being, of thinking, especially by addressing young people. I like the positive, and I try to convey the idea that every day we try to find the way. I believe that young people now have to be given a base; Things have changed so much and it's not easy at all. I look for the songs I sing, without being heavy, with humor, laughing, talking a lot, people end up seeing me as a friend, that feels good while watching a concert of mine. Or at least feel something.

     -And those "roots", those roots of the project .. what music did you grow up with?

I grew up with the nuns. Everything I know I learned growing, much later. My first work where I worked on Broadway was "Is not misbehavin" by Fats Waller, jazz, piano. And it was with 25 years.

     – Did you already like jazz?

No, no, I started to know and enjoy when I got to Broadway. Until then my references were Barbra Streisand, Dionne Warwick, Burt Bacharach, James Taylor, Chaka Khan, Patti Labelle, Carole King. When I left school, I would go home, go to the backyard and, for example, would sing all the songs of "West Side Story". I grew up with that, and not listening to things from Motown, which came later.

     -When you go on stage, what is your main goal?

When I go up I feel that I have people in my hands and I know that my job is to tell them stories. If they catch me, I've done a good job, and if not, then I've failed that night.

Nostalgia, what's that?

-Before getting into this new project, what was it?

Ufff, many things. Just then I had been on tour for five years singing with a symphony and a rock band different shows about the music of Queen, Pink Floyd, Abba, the history of rock, and one day I got tired. I wanted to do my things. If you do not make your dreams come true, we're going badly. And now I'm in it. I believe in the possibilities, everything has a reason and I always try to see the positive side of that why.

     – Do you feel nostalgic for something you did in the past?

No, no; My book is very big and all those things that I have done in the past are only chapters. I have had the immense luck of always being able to live from my work but if tomorrow I have to earn my living working as a waitress, I will serve you the hamburger with a smile, do not hesitate.