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The benefits of reading

The benefits of reading

Reading has been advocated as being the cornerstone of personal improvement for as long as anyone can remember. From the moment children can read, teachers and parents expose them to books of all sorts. In school students must read many books including novels to pass exams. Many people credit reading books as key to their success. But how exactly do people benefit from reading?

  1. Getting into the minds of other people

You learn a lot from the people around you. Slang, culture, behaviors and such are all things that we pick up from those around us. People on average don’t have many close friends, so they tend to not improve themselves more than the knowledge within such circles. If your friends like to drink, you’ll probably drink a lot as well. If your friends are the kind to be active, you’ll probably be active as well. Reading books gives you the opportunity to gain knowledge of other people without having them to be your friend. Successful people are the ones who tend to read the most books!

  1. Brightens up your creativity

Watching a movie or television might be entertaining. But the thing is that you follow a story which is illustrated by other people, the creative part of your brain is not active while doing this. Reading a novel makes you constantly picture the story which is being told. You constantly idealize how every scene plays which means you are creatively active. Reading success stories about other people might also give you some ideas of your own.

  1. Improve your vocabulary

If someone has the vocabulary of a 1000 words you can bet that they are frequent readers. Having a colorful vocabulary has great benefits. When conversating or simply listening to someone, having a big vocabulary in your arsenal can highly improve the quality of communication of information. Complex ideas usually require the correct terminology to be understood, without knowing such words sometimes an idea is difficult to explain. An improved vocabulary also makes you a better writer. If your work involves writing, simply learning to write is not enough, learning how to write on the other hand will greatly improve your work.

  1. Better concentration

At this age and time we tend to be doing a million things at the same time. With our phones buzzing, computer making sounds, the radio blasting music, it’s really difficult sometimes to have undivided attention. When you immerse yourself in a book, you are only staring at the words. While this might be tricky at first, reading a lot conditions you to keep focused. You can then use this increase in concentration in any other of your daily tasks. This again means higher productivity and being more efficient at anything you do.

  1. Stress reduction

Sometimes all you need is an escape to get away from it all. Vacations can do that but are expensive, alcohol might but is not good for you and then you have books. A well written story gives you the opportunity to quickly immerse yourself in a story cutting the rest of the world out, for a low cost. When you are reading your book it’s just you and the book. And the best part is that you can do this for a short period or for hours. You can read your book on the bus on the way to work or curled up in your bed on a rainy day. Wherever you choose to read your book, it might just not matter as you’ll be taken somewhere else while you are doing so.

  1. Memory improvement

As reading a proper book usually take hours a lot of memorization is involved. You need be actively remembering what you are reading for a book to make sense from beginning to end. The more you read the more you will be training your memory which will lead to you having an improved memory. Imagine what reading 2 books a month can do to your memory a couple of years down the road.