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This is the scene of the baby Hitler from 'Deadpool 2' that was censored in theaters

This is the scene of the baby Hitler from 'Deadpool 2' that was censored in theaters

Deadpool 2 is full of hooligan humor, green jokes and risqué scenes not suitable for all audiences. The most horny antihero Marvel Comics, which gives life to a dedicated Ryan Reynolds, returned to conquer the box office and the most demanding criticism in this sequel released last May in which he was seen with the hard rival Cable (Josh Brolin).

Before it came to the screens, there was a lot of talk about a scene that featured a baby named Adolf Hitler that did not end up being part of the film because he considered himself too strong. "I think it was eliminated precisely because it was something very, very limited. The audience would know that this is Hitler baby yes, but after all that's it: a baby. It would be too strange to see such a scene. There is a line that we can not cross, "explained Paul Wernick, co-writer of the film with Reynolds and Rhett Reese.

In the scene in question, the Reynolds character travels back in time and suddenly finds himself face to face. face with baby Hitler, who does not stop crying. At that time, he decides to kill him, although the child's cries do not stop distracting him. "Someday you will thank me!" He shouts, in a clear nod to the life that the dictator would lead in the future and after that, he begins to strangle him while the song plays in the background If I could turn back time by Cher.

However, now that the film has reached the domestic market in an extended edition, fans of the irreverent Deadpool can see the controversial sequence in its entirety.

The antihero strangled a baby named A. Hitler in the movie